Living In The Future According To Microsoft [Video]

There have been many predictions when it comes to the future. A few have become reality, but most have become legendary retro ideas that we almost frown upon when we see them today. Maybe that’s because technology has a way of becoming more awesome than we could ever imagine. I think most of us have a at some point wondered about the future. According to Microsoft, living in the future is going to involve a whole lot of screens which we can interact with.

Each year technology is pushed to its very limits. When thinking about living in the future, we might actually already be there. It seems technology companies love to predict the future with their own gadgets and devices in the very center of it. It’s not such an enigma, but it’s quite interesting to see what they believe our lifestyles will look like. Microsoft produces one of these promotional videos each year, and this year is no exception. Their prediction about how we will all be living in the future and what gadgets will be surrounding us revolves around the touchscreen.

It’s not too surprising that this highly optimized way of interacting with a computer will become the very core of our living. Our lifestyles in the future will be riddled with touchscreens, and they will become dynamic displays with which we can communicate and do everyday things on that we are currently only doing on our mobile devices. This video from Microsoft depicts the future, and how we will be lining in it in a way that to most people might look a little bit intimidating. Only a few of the many things we have featured here on Bit Rebels in the past are incorporated into the ways touchscreens are used. An example is the ability to make several small touchscreen displays work as one. Microsoft has always been innovating around this idea.

It’s up to anyone’s belief whether or not the world will look like this in the future. However, we must not forget the predictions Bill Gates made in his book The Road Ahead about energy consumption, and some of his toys he had incorporated at home already back then. They have mostly come true (almost all of them). The only thing left is the pin on our jacket which enables the light to go off and on as we enter or exit a room and the images within the frames that change depending on who’s entering the room, etc. According to Microsoft, living in the future is all about the screen. What do you think?

Living In The Future According To Microsoft




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