Logit.io – All-In-One Performance Monitoring Worth The Hype

Competition is the lifeblood of business. No matter your particular niche – whether you’re part of a small but devoted development team or are an IT leader at a giant enterprise commonly found within the pages of Forbes – you must find ways to gain an edge. With so many alternatives on the market (and usually at incredibly comparable prices) for practically everything, it’s simply a necessity.

But in an age where we’re held to higher standards than ever before while still also fully being expected to juggle a thriving personal life, maintaining any sort of edge over the other companies on the block is difficult, to say the least. Luckily, that’s where application performance monitoring from Logit.io comes into play.

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What Is Logit.io?

If the tech solution sounds familiar to it, it should. Logit.io is a well-known ISO 27001 certified online application that utilizes centralized logging for those within the business and technology sphere. Essentially, it is a platform for metrics management, allowing companies the ability to gain insights that are instrumental for giving customers the very best experience possible.

With Logit.io, there’s no wondering or wandering around in the dark when it comes to performance or safety. Because all logs and metrics are kept within one designated place inside the application, keeping an eye on operations is easier than ever, and security can easily be strengthened thanks to increased transparency and improved monitoring.

This has been a significant source of attraction for hundreds of customers worldwide, from those within development operations to security specialists to general business/performance analysts and more.

Between fully-customized logs and a simplified, intuitive interface that requires a relatively modest learning curve, Logit.io also makes analyzing your stats and collected data clear and straightforward. Gaining insights and drawing conclusions is then naturally faster, allowing your team to move onto bigger, more time-sensitive tasks, which can show visible payoff in practically no time flat.

Wondering about price amongst all the positive chatter? Super competitive, especially for how in-depth the computer program’s capabilities really are, Logit.io’s rates run right around $96 USD for those of us here in the States and the equivalent of $74 in Europe, proving that great solutions don’t have to cost you a figurative (we hope, at least!) arm and a leg.

Back To The Features

Now, a good price and general assurance about performance tracking are nice and all. However, the specifics are critical when it comes to choosing software. After all, you need to know that you’re getting all these features that you need to warrant waving around your credit card, and, luckily for all parties, Logit.io has the offerings to back them up as a solid choice.

For starters, complete analytics and application logs are just one part of their successful equation. The platform also boasts a whole suite of uses, including infrastructure monitoring, sales tracking, user behavior data collection, vulnerability scanning, website uptime monitoring, and APM, just to name a few. Together, all these Logit.io use cases mean that it stands out from the crowd and can provide a more comprehensive solution than other similar products flooding the market.

No matter what you’re hoping to get out of using Logit.io for your own application and business, anybody making use of the software can quickly search logs for answers (and even at scale), analyze any attack patterns to zero in on security issues before they become anything serious, set up alerts for specific events, so you’re always ahead of the curve, and track how any improvements you’ve made seem to be panning out these days.

Flexible, powerful, and pretty decently efficient, the performance monitoring offered by Logit.io is impressive on paper. However, how does this actually pay off in the real world? How does Logit.io make dealing with logs a better experience, and what’s the point of even keeping track of all the metrics to begin with?

The Point Of Monitoring Metrics

Long story short, this software application is the ideal choice for working with logs due to the very way it’s built. While you have to contend with multiple servers spread along a disjointed infrastructure with other file viewers and software “solutions,” you simply don’t have to worry about the same thing here.

Since the application uses various open-source data processing pipelines and analytics engines like Logstash and Elasticsearch, finding and identifying any errors is a cinch, saving technicians from unnecessarily wasting time, frustration, and resources they’d usually spend trailing after them across servers.

The hosted ELK platform also makes a fairly big difference here, handily adapting to a business’ increasingly complex data streams while still giving you room to upgrade should you be ready for the transition.

So, these are clear reasons why Logit.io is a helpful program to have at your side when slogging through countless logs day in and day out. But this doesn’t touch on the other half of the question. Are all the metrics really that important?

The immediate answer is a sound and definite: yes! They’re integral to any venture’s growth and are (or at least should be) one of the primary driving forces behind your big business decisions. Remember, metrics aren’t just a few figures on a sheet of paper or your desktop screen.

Rather, they’re the quantifiable experiences and opinions of the very customers you seek to serve. These metrics tell the story of where your business started, how it’s going, if your goals are being met, and whether any changes made have had any lasting effect.

It doesn’t matter if you’re tracking key metrics in the SaaS industry or are a Fortune 500 company intent on getting further ahead. Those metrics are a big deal just the same, and Logit.io recognizes this and treads lightly, enabling you to keep them uncomplicated, purposeful, and well-implemented from the word “go.”

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