Does Smart Technology Live Up To The Hype?

While smart technology is now fully established as a feature of the modern home, it continues to draw criticism in addition to praise. This has been explored in great detail by researchers, with some surveys claiming that many of the most popular smart technology hubs have significant vulnerabilities that may be exposed by those with criminal machinations.

In addition to this, the Wall Street Journal has also published work questioning the short-comings of smart technology and systems, particularly those that are multi-functional in their nature and control lighting, temperature and security fittings simultaneously.

So is smart technology and its myriad of devices worth the hassle? The answer depends on multiple factors, with age and long-term intentions particularly important. In terms of the former, we have seen significant anecdotal evidence which suggest that many smart home control systems are unnecessarily complex to operate for those who have had limited exposure to technology, while they also require significant troubleshooting when things go awry. This is reflected in the form of a survey conducted by a Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which revealed that 54% of respondents thought that such smart technology should be more straightforward to use and install.

With regards to the issue of your intentions as a homeowner, the complex, challenging and relatively fledgling nature of smart technology means that it may not be ideal for consumers who intend to reside in the same property for the foreseeable future. Its functionality and appeal to a new generation of buyers means that smart technology can add value to a property, making it an excellent investment for anyone gripped by a sell house fast attitude. This is an interesting consideration, especially when you consider that 42% of those surveyed in the aforementioned study also cited competition pricing and value as key considerations when investing in smart technology.

With this in mind, it is clear smart technology is a viable concept that is changing the way in which homeowners manage, organize and secure their properties. It will also become increasingly relevant as the generations progress, meaning that it’s potential to add monetary value to real estate will grow exponentially. While it is certainly worth the accompanying hassle if you intend to sell your home, however, those who want to reside in the same property for a generation may wish to consider their options more carefully.

Smart Technology – Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Smart Technology Hype Study

Smart Technology Hype Study