Magic Wand Scanner: Digitalize Your Photos Or Text Anywhere!

So far scanners have been bulky for the most part. There have been flatbed scanners that take up almost half of your desk, but they were later reduced to incorporate a fax machine, printer, USB dock and much much more. This made it possible to pretty much put it anywhere, but it still took up unnecessary space. Those days are gone now because there is a new technology on the market that will make your old scanner look like it is from the ’80s.

The new scanner called “Magic Wand Scanner” is a portable scanner that will enable you to scan text, photos or really whatever you want to scan anywhere anytime. It’s so small you can fit it into your bag easily, yet it is big enough to scan a A4 sized document.

Now you’re probably wondering how much you can scan and how to transfer it. Well, I think you have figured that one out already. You can scan as much as your micro SD card will allow you to, and you can exchange it for others if you’re scanning a lot. See, now you really have no reason to go to into work in the morning if you have scheduled the entire day to scan important documents. Just ask your boss to get you one of these and take the work home with you. Then you can just wake up and do the scanning in bed. It’s as simple as that. It’s brought to you by VuPoint. I vote for this one! Definitely!