What Are the Major Benefits Of GPS Drones Insurance?

Over the past few years, GPS drones have seen a spike in mainstream popularity with an increasing number of enthusiasts and professionals taking to the skies with these UAVs. However, there is no getting around the fact that the list of best GPS drones are expensive pieces of hardware and accidents can happen, no matter how careful you are.

Ideally, a drone operator should seriously consider purchasing drone insurance in order to be on the safe side. In this article, we will help you better understand why it is so strongly recommended.

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What Is Drone Insurance?

Just like any other insurance, drone insurance protects you from any financial loss incurred as a result of you operating your drone. For example, if you damage or destroy your drone, the insurance company will compensate you for your loss. While you may be a skilled drone pilot, unforeseen circumstances could result in your drone suffering damage or even being destroyed.

This is even more important if you are a professional drone pilot whose livelihood is dependent on your equipment. Hence, investing in the right kind of drone insurance could save you a lot of headache in the future.

Benefits Of Drone Insurance

1. Landing Clients

If your drone is used as your primary source of income (i.e. you are a professional photographer, videographer, surveyor, etc.), drone insurance comes in especially handy if you are looking to land clients.

Firstly, having drone insurance is one way of giving clients a good first impression. This is because having drone insurance communicates to your clients that you are serious about safeguarding yourself from financial loss and are more likely to have a professional attitude. On the other hand, an uninsured GPS drone operator may be perceived to be an amateur with a more lackluster attitude.

2. Peace Of Mind

Next, having GPS drones insurance leaves you with the peace of mind that you are protected from a financial standpoint in the unlikely event of an accident.This leaves you free from distractions and able to perform to the best of your abilities throughout the course of your career. Furthermore, the last thing you want is to be worried about your legal and financial liabilities while on the job.

3. Legal Issues

While you may believe yourself to be a skilled drone pilot with years of experience, circumstances can sometimes lead up to disastrous outcomes. If you are misfortunate enough to experience a dangerous situation where property and lives are put in danger, your decision to purchase insurance may protect you from certain financial and legal implications.

For example, there was a drone accident in the UK where the operator lost control of his drone, which resulted in the drone’s propeller slicing open the eyeball of an 18-month old boy, leaving him blind in one eye. In such a situation, the operator could be held liable for medical expenses and damages suffered by the victim and his family. While it was not mentioned if the operator was insured, it can be clearly seen why purchasing an insurance policy for your GPS drone would be a more prudent course of action.

4. Compliance With Regulations

Furthermore, with increased government regulation and oversight coming into place with regards to UAVs, it may become compulsory for drone operators to purchase insurance policies. While this has not yet been confirmed, as the old saying goes, “better safe than sorry.”

5. Costs

The cost of insuring your GPS drone is subject to various factors, as can be seen below. Drone insurance comes in two forms: a long-term policy with monthly premiums, or a la carte, which is purchased via hourly policies.

Factors To Consider

Just like any other insurance policy, various factors are taken into account when you are purchasing insurance for your drone. Whether you are a career drone operator or a weekend enthusiast, consider the following factors when purchasing drone insurance.

1. Type Of Drone In Operation

Just like car insurance, the make, type and size of your drone will be taken into account when you are purchasing drone insurance.

2. Nature Of Your Work

The type of work that you are involved in (i.e. law enforcement, professional photography, commercial inspections, etc.), all will determine the cost of your insurance.

3. Experience Operating GPS Drones

An unskilled operator will more likely be involved in an accident, as compared to a skilled operator with years of experience.

4. Past Record

If you have been involved in any accidents in the past, expect your insurance premiums to be more expensive.

5. Location Where Drone Will Be Used

Built-up areas mean more people and more obstacles, thus increasing the chances of an accident occurring. As a result, this will affect your insurance premiums as well.

GPS Drone Insurance – Conclusion

When shopping around for GPS drone insurance, you need to take into account factors like the benefits of drone insurance and the costs associated with it. This would then give you a good idea of whether you actually need drone insurance or not.

If you are interested in even more drone-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels then we have a lot to choose from.

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