Man Builds World’s Largest Remote Controlled Toy!

As a little kid, remote controlled cars were not that common, but of course they were the coolest ever if you had one. Now you can buy remote controlled vehicles for pennies it seems. But with that comes a downgraded quality which makes the whole thing a bit less fun. There are small helicopters that you can buy for like thirty bucks that are really cool, but as soon as you accidentally hit something you shouldn’t, it breaks and you have to buy a new one.

Those helicopters; however, are too lame for Dr. James Brighton who decided to create something that is much more eye catching and fun to play with. He chose a Hummer H3 as his focus, and soon he stood there piloting his new toy over the sand banks around the corner from his house.

So next time you decide to dig up some fun with your kids, this is totally going to impress them. Let them drive it for a while around the block, and all their friends will be jealous that your kids have the best dad in the world. Why not put a camera and a note on the window, and drive it to the store? In the meantime, you can just kick back and catch the game on TV. Oh, and beter yet, you will never have to worry about getting car jacked. You’ll drive his butt to the police station once he gets in, problem solved!