The Freaky Toy That Will Help Children Deal With Fears

As a child, you can never be sure anyone can keep a secret. Sharing your fears and troubles with someone might seem scary and sometimes just not the right thing to do. It could potentially feel shameful to stick your neck out to get some well needed comforting. Grown-ups have a far more mature way of dealing with situations where we feel stress and awkwardness. Many children stay inside their shell and become disconnected from the world in a most unpleasant way.

Now there’s a freaky little toy that will help kids deal with their fears, troubles and stress all on their own. With a pointy mouth and a hole in its hand, kids can talk into the hand and get a modified voice echo back through its mouth. The resonance modeling chamber lies inside the toy’s belly and will strike up a comforting conversation that will give the child comfort and understanding. Emi Schenkelbach certainly did a great job coming up with this idea.

On its belly, it has a little pocket where they can put photos and other personal and private things they hold dear. It’s a pristine and superbly well done idea; however, I am a little hesitant about the design. If I saw this when I was a child, this freakish device of comfort would have scared the socks off of me. However, I still give it five stars for the idea and the creativity to deal with such an important problem.