Massive Christmas Deal On AIRROBO Robot Vacuum Cleaner T9 – Save Big On Amazon

We all can imagine the time we have to spend on after-party messes cleaning during Christmas and it’s inevitably hard-labor work, turning out it brings us hours of cleaning even after a long exhausting day.

So here comes the AIRROBO robot vacuum cleaner T9 that cleans up the messes for you on the floors, carpets, and rugs, letting you just sit on the sofa and relax or let it handle the messes while you only need to wipe the table and load the dishwasher. It could also be one of the fantastic gift exchange ideas for you to prepare a gift for yourself, your friends, or your family.

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An attractive $100 coupon on robot vacuum cleaner T9 is offered from December 6 to December 20 before Christmas, bringing a massive price cut to $249.99 from $349.99.

What makes AIRROBO T9 outstanding is the USLAM Air 5.0™ derived from USLAM, the powerful navigation system of UBTECH Robotics, which has been validated and optimized through application in the field of humanoid robots for 5 years. With such strong technology on T9, it spots objects while setting up map and avoids obstacles intelligently in its cleaning path just like a human, working more efficiently around the house.

On the feature front, AIRROBO T9 comes with 3000Pa suction power that deals with everything from dust to even large debris and has a mopping feature that leaves the floor absolutely clean. Dual cleaning methods enable you to either let it mop or vacuum depending on your cleaning needs and allow you to decide the way it works on your floors or carpets instead of messing them up when cleaning. More features you want to know are below.

Smart Navigation

LiDAR technology and USLAM Air 5.0™ algorithm are of the core technology that empowers AIRROBO T9 to intelligently detect and spot objects around while mapping and cleaning simultaneously in its path ensuring that everywhere is cleaned in the shortest time possible. You can label the areas mapped out and choose what specific rooms to be cleaned or not to be cleaned next time. And even set up some no-go areas for it to not clean some designated places.

Super Strong Suction Power

From dust, pet hair, beans to large debris, AIRROBO T9 featuring 3000Pa suction power to perform well on vacuuming or mopping meticulously even for hard-to-reach places.

Carpet Power Boost

The dirt, dust and debris are hard to be cleaned as they might be deep inside of the carpets or rugs, and even so, it takes time and it’s not completely clean in house cleaning. AIRROBO T9’s carpet power boost makes things easier. It recognizes the carpets or rugs during cleaning and will automatically adjust its suction power to thoroughly clean the dirt and debris for you.

Dual Cleaning Methods

You can choose the way it works by installing 400mL water tank or 600mL dustbin to either mop or vacuum depending on your cleaning needs so it would never mess up the floors and carpets.

Other features:

  • App control or voice control
  • 5200mAh Li-ion battery
  • Obstacle avoidance & fall prevention
  • Controlled via your voice using Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Extra features unlocked via Tuya Smart

If these features above sound perfect, hurry up and buy it now before Christmas. Either a gift for your families or a gift for yourself. For a limited time, AIRROBO is offering up a huge discount on the robot vacuum cleaner T9 for just $249.99. Go to T9, check the coupon box, and enjoy the Christmas deal. The coupon is set to expire on December 20. Don’t miss out!

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