USB Wipe Card Helps To Recycle & Pass Your Computer Forward

The world is getting ever more polluted. Most of us are trying to help by recycling what we can and sorting our garbage to make it easier for processing plants to recycle what they can. But the question that is on everyone’s mind when you start talking about recycling is whether or not it’s enough. Could we be doing more? Every day new ideas are presented for how we can further recycle our disposables. The latest one is a USB wipe card that will help pass your old computer forward.

The idea is quite unique, but it might not be the innovation that we were all hoping for. The solution is simple and effective, there’s no doubt about that, but the question remains, are we doing enough? The USB wipe card, or as it has been dubbed, the Pass It On For Good card, is a pretty interesting approach. You simply buy a USB wipe card and get to work. Pretty much everyone who has ever used a computer for any extended period of time knows that upgrades are necessary to keep up with today’s games and features. But usually we just throw our old computers on the dump. That is a very unoptimized solution, at least according to the people behind the USB wipe card.

What you basically do is insert the USB wipe card into your computer, and let it run a diagnostics test to see what the specs are on your computer. When it has determined whether or not it can be passed on to another user, it will help you through the process of wiping it clean and install a fresh OS on it. Then it will further help you with directions for where you can deliver your old computer in order to pass is forward.

Not everyone needs a brand new, edge of tech kind of computer, so passing your computer forward with the USB wipe card is a really good way to make a difference. If your computer doesn’t meet the spec requirements, the USB wipe card will help you wipe it clean before you throw it on the dump. This way, you will always know that your personal data is nowhere to be found if someone picks it up and tries to poke around on the hard drive.

The USB wipe card also comes with a wiped clean certificate once the computer has been wiped. So, is this the way of the future? Is this how we will all recycle our old computers when they no longer serve any use for us? One can only hope that this spreads so that we might help the environment recover just a little faster. The Pass It On For Good project is a Kickstarter endeavor meant to help the environment. Are you up to help it become successful?

USB Wipe Card – Pass It On For Good