The Mechanic’s Guide To Saving On Auto Parts

Save big on auto parts by shopping like a mechanic. When looking for savings at an auto store near me, here are some of the tips and tricks mechanics use to get the best deals on their parts.

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Join A Rewards Program

You know you’ll be back, so why not benefit from a return trip? Most auto parts stores offer savings on repeat business. If you need to return week after week or are simply buying more than a few parts, a rewards program will give you discounts or cash back to reward your loyalty.

Shop The Sales

There’s nothing wrong with getting a good deal. From flyers and promotional days to auto parts coupons, there’s lots of ways to save money on various parts. Some coupons offer a blanket discount on your entire order, like 20 percent off your order. Other coupons give you money off a specific item, like 10 dollars off a new car battery. Either way, keep an eye open for parts you need.

Choose Quality Parts

Sales can be tempting, but be wise with the parts you choose. Discount parts may save you a few bucks, but many times you get what you pay for. Premium tires, batteries, windshield wipers and other parts often last longer, have a longer warranty and will perform better. Choose a part that is built to last.

Shop Online

Sometimes the best deals are online. Whether you’re a fan of shopping online, you can often find a wider range of car parts online. Search for your exact item and easily look up ratings and reviews. Don’t worry about paying for shipping, since most auto parts stores allow you to order online and pick up your parts in-store.

Find an Auto Store Near Me

Whether you’re looking for a single replacement part or buying all the components you need to give your car an aftermarket makeover, shop for the best deals online or at an auto parts store near you.

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