Metatrend: New Technology Suggests Hovering Cell Phones

New concept technologies have always inspired me. The pace at which we see new stuff emerging on the market is ever increasing, and the gadgets are getting more and more intelligent. Someone once said that a fully working artificial intelligence will never be created, but with what I see being presented in terms of robotics and computers, it makes me not so sure about that statement. Of course, I wouldn’t want an artificial intelligence cell phone to start calling my friends every time I am eating a pizza to rat on me. However, it sure would be nice to know you have a friend in your cell phone at all times. Err…

It will probably be a long time before we see that happening. What’s even more interesting are the ideas that were recently presented by designers In-oh Yoo and Sun-woong Oh for Metatrend Institute. They have a totally new look at what a cell phone should do when sitting in its dock. And let me tell you, it’s everything but boring ole power up time.

How about putting your cell phone in a power dock which will make it float in mid air? Once the phone has started charging, the magnets inside the phone and on the dock will start doing their magic and the phone will start to hover. Should there be a call coming in, the bottom magnet will be activated making the cell phone rotate, which will result in a 3D presentation of the caller ID. If this isn’t the coolest cell phone / dock concept ever, I don’t know what is. It’s pure future awesomeness. Whether it actually will see the light of day… we’ll just have to pray and hope for it! Brilliant!