Get Your Own Minecraft World 3D Printed & Make It All Real

As we try to keep up with everything new in the world of 3D printing, it seems like we’re writing about 3D printing stuff almost every other day. I hope that doesn’t change anytime soon because it’s one of the fastest moving technologies in the world right now. It’s inspiring to see what is truly possible. Today it’s more about fun than anything else though. I remember back in the summer when Richard wrote about Minecraft characters that were being 3D printed and sold. Today, we take that one step further. I’d like to show you how you can get your own Minecraft world (or neighborhood) 3D printed just for you. You’ll be able to hold your creation in your hand, and see it in 3D.

Ed Fries, the founder of a company called FigurePrints, wrote a software that can view your Minecraft world and automatically detect exactly what is there. It can take into account what parts are enclosed, and what needs to be filled in. It can also do all this relatively inexpensively. It will cost you somewhere around $100, which may not seem inexpensive, but in the world of everything 3D printed these days (since it’s such an evolving technology) that is a bargain.

They have it all broken down into four steps. You just download their world exporter, choose what part of your Minecraft world you want them to print, upload it to their website and place your order. I’m definitely impressed with how they’ve taken a very complex process and watered it down so anyone can do it with very little hassle. Another thing I also wanted to mention is that just yesterday, MAKE’s Ultimate Guide To 3D Printing was released. It’s a book that sells for $10, and in just one day, it’s getting rave reviews. Eventually the day will come when practically everything will be 3D printed. And at the rate it’s going, it will be sooner rather than later.

Get Your Minecraft World (Or Neighborhood) Custom 3D Printed



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