Mini Accessory For Your iPhone Lets You Magnify Up To 60 Times

I am starting to get the hang of this photography thing these days. What I really mean is that every once in a great while I pick up my iPhone and snap a few pictures and share them online. I would do it more if I had more time since I must admit that it can quickly become quite addicting. But something I have always been annoyed by is the fact that the iPhone camera is really bad. It doesn’t really fit the skill level of today’s many mobile photographers. There are so many people out there who harbor a ton of skills which they never get to showcase when using their iPhone. Surely there are way better cameras out there for mobile phones than that of the iPhone. Well, it is what it is for now, but maybe this particular mini accessory for the iPhone will get the job done.

It’s a sneaky little iPhone mini accessory that will have you taking photos of something as small as the interior of your computer motherboard. It’s a really cool little gadget that you just snap onto your iPhone and start taking pictures. it will allow you to magnify things by a multitude of 60 times. It’s not too bad for a little gadget used with the iPhone itself. Suddenly the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the iPhone and using it for photography. This mini accessory called Mini Microscope is a great way to put another perspective on your iPhone photos.

When you are done using this mini accessory, you can just do what you always do, put the images through some filters online and really make people marvel over your skills. The really cool thing about this badboy is that it is really cheap as well. It is made available by ThinkGeek and will only set you back a small $29.99. Cool mini accessories for the iPhone don’t have to be bulky and expensive to make a huge difference. This gadget is pocket-sized and will totally reinvent the way you take photographs in the future. I am sure you will be able to come up with several interesting uses for this gadget. Photographers always do. Your creativity is the limit here. I really urge you to check this out and when you have taken a few photos with it, send them to us so we can see them. We love geeky stuff like this!

Mini Accessory For iPhone Photography By ThinkGeek