Misa Digital Guitar | There’s no cooler way to play Guitar!

I recently managed to wreck my Gibson Les Paul electrical guitar and I had to turn it in for repair. The wait has been excruciating and I miss it everyday like the flowers miss the sun while it rains. I have even unfaithfully been looking at buying another guitar while I wait and I feel guilty I can tell you. I have secretly been looking at different brands and designs but I can’t even decide what else I would want in the studio for both good sound as well as inspiration.

One thing is for sure, nothing beats a Gibson Les Paul but there are plenty of new breeds of guitars out there and I happened to stumble upon one of the coolest contraptions and designs in, I am sure, human history. This new breed is an entirely digital one and is brought to us by a company named Misa Digital. It’s no surprise that the guitar itself goes under the name of “Misa”…right?

The guitar, or whatever you want to call it, is pure porn in design. The white color is so pure and clean and the design of it gives it a hint that it might have been sent from the future by none other than Apple itself. But, this design is entirely credited to Misa Design and they should be nothing short of proud of what they have created.

Sure, the sound might sound a little too digital (but hey…it IS digital so what the frick!) and the “bands” might seem a little weird at first but that’s always something you have to get comfortable and used to. Before you know it, you’ll be the master of it. The actual strings are represented by a touchscreen at the body of the guitar which highlights your every move and touch. The “slider” is also a truly genius feature. I can’t wait to check out more videos of this one. Just rad in every way!

So you want one? The price for it is not yet set but as I write this, the word is that they will announce it within the next 24-48 hours. Just jump over to their website and get familiar with their up-coming hit product Misa!

Misa - Digital Guitar - 2