Mobile Cinema: Vintage Bus Turned Into Stunning Movie Theater!

Some days hauling your butt off to the cinema can be quite a challenge. Especially on days like this when it’s raining outside (it really is). Wouldn’t it be nice to have a full grown movie theater right at home instead? For many people, this is a dream, but unfortunately it can be quite costly to put one together. Sure, we have those miniature movie theaters including a computer and a DVD enabled projector in a room filled with cinema chairs covered in fabric and a popcorn machine. That’s not too bad, but what if you’re after that true movie feeling that you only get when visiting the real theater? Then maybe this new and daring build is something to mimic.

It’s a vintage bus turned into a state of the art movie theater. Imagine going on a holiday up in the mountains with that badboy. All you have to do is drive to where your friends are and pick them up one by one, then drive off in the night to some cool location and start watching your favorite movie. Why not make a Halloween night out of it? Make sure you load the DVD exchanger with every Friday The 13th movie there is and drive off to some lake called “Crystal Lake.” That should make the whole thing a lot more intense I tell you.

So what is in this awesome build anyways? Well, this 1930s bus has been fitted with: Epson EH-TW3500 LCD Projector, Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-ray Player, Mordaunt Short Aviano 6 Floorstander Speakers, Mordaunt Short Alumni 9 Subwoofers, five center speakers and three surround speakers.

It’s available for anyone to rent, and I am sure it will make for a fantastic weekend wherever you are going. Hmm, the Friday The 13th evening would totally be a trip. I wonder if my colleagues would be up for such a weekend… “Hey guys… I know exactly what we’re going to do for Halloween!!”