Mona Lisa – Now Viewable In A Way You’ve Never Seen Her

There are so many truly amazing paintings out there that are legendary treasures from the past. They are like windows in time that we get to peek through. It’s mind numbing to think that these pieces of human history were at some point just brush strokes done by aspiring artists in need for cash to feed their belly. Now they are invaluable pieces of world history that are guarded day and night to prevent them from falling into the shadows and becoming forgotten art.

But like with all things, technology soon finds its way to it and deforms, alters, enhances and refreshes the way we see it. This time it’s Samsung that has gotten a stroke of genius and created an ad for their new TV proclaiming their move into 3D home entertainment. What they have done is to figure out an entirely new way of creating 3D representations out of 2D images, pictures and paintings.

The solution is a software that precisely calculates the depth of each pixel and then builds up a 3D representation of the image itself, basically. In this ad they have put their new technology to use on several legendary paintings and added their own little touch on them. The ad is one of the most amusing and well done that I have seen in a while and I am sure it will be quite successful.

For example, how about Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in full 3D followed by a bunch of paintings where Samsung has added several different details that are not in plain view before the “viewer” starts moving around and looking behind the edges of the TV screen. If this is how we’ll watch TV in the future, I have a feeling we’ll be getting moving couches and chairs before long. If you’re supposed to move around while watching TV then I will completely be exhausted after watching Lord Of The Rings or Aliens. I definitely need to know what’s behind the next “corner” of the screen. I can’t wait to see how this works out…