Mophie Juice Pack: First External Battery For The iPad!

Even though I must say that the iPad has a truly remarkable battery life, there could never be too much, could there? That’s why it’s important to bring the charger with you wherever you go since at an airport, restaurant or any other place you are likely to find a power outlet that works fine. However, what happens when you’re on a long flight or in the wilderness, and you still want to watch a movie or log all that data that you’re collecting from the aging of an ant? Now there is a solution for that, and it’s quite awesome.

It’s the first ever released external battery for the iPad (or whatever else apple product you need to juice up) named “Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation.” The bunch at Mophie have really outdone themselves this time cause this little badboy is nothing less than eye catching, and it packs a punch as well. It will charge your iPad many times over, and it does so 4 times faster than with your regular adaptor.

The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation is rechargeable up to approximately 500 times. That should last you well over 2-3 years before you eventually need to invest in a new one. But don’t worry, for something almost similar to your own powerstation, you will only pay $99.95. It’s well worth the money, and it will keep you going for days without ever having to worry about finding a power outlet. Take that iPad to the unknown and still know you’ll be able to use it. This is geek awesomeness for sure!