Most Adorable Nail Drive Ever

We at bitrebels are open to suggestions from you our valuable readers.  We have a Submit your Findings slot on the website.  If you find a cool gadget, a site or an innovative product, share it with us and we will post it here if we feel that it adheres to the bitrebels theme.  This week we feature a gadget that was sent to us by Gabe Diaz.

@gabediaz shared with us the Itty Bitty nail drive.  Buffalo has announced a thumb drive that is closer to the size of an unclipped thumb nail that still manages to hold a whopping 16 GB.  The drives are above, but to truly grasp (not easy with those sausage-sized man-fingers) the size of these drives, check it out when it’s inserted into the laptop below.  No pricing yet, but they’ll be available soon in black, red and white.  Amazing right for a small gadget to carry as much as 16Gig of space.  Very cool and a must have for sure.