Move Your Email From Thunderbird To Outlook Easily

Many users of Mozilla-based email migrate to Outlook. This move is logical given the shortcomings of Thunderbird. Despite the free nature, it has neither the security nor the advanced business features of the rival client.

Do you have to be a pro to handle the transition? Not always. Visit the website for Thunderbird to Outlook converter, which makes the process smooth regardless of your experience. The software is reasonably priced, and it is indispensable when large amounts of data are involved.

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Dangers Of Manual Tinkering

The accurate transfer is not guaranteed unless you arm yourself with tools devised for the purpose. Besides, if you are still determined to try the manual methods, you will need a converter to turn the resulting files into the PST format required by Outlook.

At Your Own Risk

Here is a sequence for manual drag-and-drop. The path will only work on certain versions of Outlook — 2010 and 2016-2013. Neither accuracy nor integrity of data is guaranteed, especially for large volumes.

  1. Create a folder on your desktop and give it a name.
  2. Run Thunderbird and drag all the emails into the folder in 1.
  3. Run Outlook.
  4. Relocate the contents of the folder into your Outlook folder.

Even Longer Path

This method is referred to as the IMAP approach. Please note that the integrity of data may suffer.

  1. In Gmail Settings, pick “Forwarding POP/IMAP”.
  2. Turn on IMAP.
  3. In Thunderbird Settings, hit “Email” under “Create a new account”.
  4. Select “Skip this and configure with existing email.”
  5. In the Mail Account Setup window, click “Continue”.
  6. In the pop-up window, click the IMAP server and finalize it with “Done”.
  7. Generate a Gmail folder and export the Thunderbird data there.
  8. Configure Outlook to Gmail via IMAP server.
  9. Download data from Gmail.

Advantages Of Specialized Solutions

Given the affordability of dedicated tools, why put your data at risk? Consider these obvious benefits of professional software aids.

Automated Nature

Anyone can cope with the transfer through this user-friendly program. Everything is located and converted automatically. No specialist knowledge is required. It is impossible to fail. Alternative ways of transfer require you to scour your machine for files. With Thunderbird, matters are complicated by the uneven distribution of data across the folder. Still, if necessary, the path may be entered into the converter manually.

Just A Few Steps

The program has an intuitive interface and easy navigation. Forget about confusing intermediate steps and annoying multitudes of checkboxes. You are a few clicks away from seeing your mail land in Outlook. Alternatively, you may choose to save it in the form of a separate PST file or several EML files.

Protection Of Data

As the conversation happens on your own computer with no third-party assistance, you can be sure nothing gets leaked. Besides, the transfer is accurate, with no damage to any messages or attachments.

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