Mozilla Firefox Starts Testing 3rd-Party VPN Service

The internet is not getting safer and pundits are looking for all kinds of solutions to tackle the challenges. In recent years, all kinds of companies have sprung into action. Companies that make web browsers have particularly been working hard to provide solutions. This is understandable since browsers are the gateway to the web. Opera was one of the first companies to include a VPN service in the browsers a number of years ago. Now, Mozilla has declared its intention to do the same as recent reports in the media indicate.

According to Global Web Index, 25% of people use a VPN service to access the web. The number of active VPN users has also grown tremendously over the last couple of years. As more and more people find out about the benefits of using VPNs, the number will undoubtedly continue to grow. It is for this reason that Mozilla started to test their service in the USA. Since Mozilla does not have the infrastructure to offer the service though, it has partnered with a number of companies to deliver the service to users.

While it is a great move to see browser companies getting into action now, it does not mean that VPN companies will now face competition. Instead, internet browsers will have a better capacity to inform users on unsafe networks for them to take action. Indeed, Mozilla has indicated that its VPN service will be a recommendation every time a user connects to an unsafe website. It is expected that the service will be able to bring down the instances of hacking and internet scams. As suggests, a timely installation of a full VPN service can protect users from every kind of internet threat. The Mozilla service might thus not be a full VPN package but it will have great benefits for the ordinary user.

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Mozilla’s Partners Foresee A More Secure Web

Mozilla’s VPN partners have also lauded the move by the browser company to get involved in making the web more secure. The partners have indicated that the decision by web browser companies to join in on the mission will result in quicker milestones. The privacy and security of user data have been compromised in recent years due to the evolving nature of internet threats. The joining of hands by VPN and browser companies can thus only translate into a much safer internet.

Mozilla has indicated that it will use various methods to combat privacy issues. One of the ways that the company will do this will be by giving users popups that recommend VPN services whenever an unsafe page is encountered. It will thus be much easier for internet surfers to fix the problem immediately when the need arises. The benefit of the VPN service is that it will be available to all users regardless of their location. The popups will also not be limited to particular platforms, but they will be available on all platforms where the browser is used.

It will definitely be interesting to see how users of Mozilla will react to this development over time. There is no doubt that every internet user wants to protect their data and privacy. It is expected though that some users might have a different opinion on their browser company proposing third-party VPN services to them. Unlike Opera, the VPN service offered by Mozilla will not be free. Instead, it will be a paid service since the VPN partners are also commercial companies.

The Partnership Deal Might Put Off Some Users

The partnership between Mozilla and its third-party VPN provider might also be an issue for some users. The paid service will be availed to users with the profits being shared by Mozilla and its partner. This proposition will thus be viewed by many as an unfair commercial move since Mozilla would have provided the service by itself. Indeed, the company has the resources and capacity to build its own VPN service and to offer it to users at a fair price. The motive behind the partnership might thus be viewed by some as a purely commercial one. Regardless of that, more internet browsers will now have a variety of options when it comes to tackling security and privacy issues.

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