Multi-Purpose Chair For The Ultimate Geek

There comes a time in every geek’s life when he or she dreams of a multi-purpose chair that will enable them to do all the things a geek wants to do in the same place. This includes working, play games and maybe even rocking, all from the same chair. Yup, those are all things that geeks do, right? Nah, not really, but it would be totally cool to have one of these in your living room which you could just fold up and put in your closet. There have been plenty of these multi-purpose chairs launched over the years, but none have really caught on to become the next trend. They are always either too bulky or too expensive, but that shouldn’t keep people from trying to come up with better ideas to put us in a place where we can do everything we could possibly ever want to do as geeks.

That is the case with the Go-Go chair that OMGIGHO is currently developing. It’s one of the geekiest things you have ever seen in my humble opinion. I mean, it’s a multi-purpose chair that is a DIY project. At this current date, this project is looking for funding through Kickstarter and looks to become a huge success. If you pledge $400, you will get an unassembled Go-Go chair that you can spend your evenings putting together until you finally have the ultimate multi-purpose chair at your disposal.

It’s definitely a project for a geek to undertake, and the end result will be nothing less than the pinnacle of geek itself. It’s a must see in wood engineering really. The pieces are carefully cut out and sent to you for you to assemble, and everything is included. It is projects like these that really make the innovation of stuff like a multi-purpose chair roll on with excitement in its focus. I am sure we’ll see a whole bunch of cool upgrades for this chair in the future. I mean, it’s made out of wood so the possibilities are endless. Have a look at these images and videos, and I guarantee you will be drooling for one of these badboys in no time at all.

Go-Go Multi-Purpose Chair Showcase




Via: [Gizmodiva]