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The importance of backing up your files on a secondary platform cannot be overstated, as having just one soft copy of your files is asking for trouble. Too many times, we have seen people lose important documents and entire folders due to hacking, computers malfunctioning or simply deleting them by accident.

If you’re a musician, backing up your files become doubly important, as many of them will likely be your own unique creations that you might intend to use for future projects. You can backup your files on an external drive, but that means you’ll only be able to access your files if you have the drive with you, which isn’t always viable. This is why you should look into storing your music on an online cloud service, which can be accessed from anywhere and is generally safer than external hard drives due to extra precautionary measures.

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1. DJ Backup

The name is a bit cheesy, but DJ Backup does the job if you’re looking for a software that automatically backs up your music files. All of your files are already synced up to the program, meaning you don’t need to schedule backups or wait for certain times to back up your entire music library and/or personal creations.

You can share your music and collaborate with other artists, and the best bit is that this program offers a very high and rigid level of security, bypassing one of the main issues that a lot of people are afraid of when it comes to uploading music online. You’re allowed a 14 day trial period, after which you can subscribe to the program, paying a yearly fee of GBP 30 (around $40) or GBP 60 (around $80), depending on your chosen storage capacity.

2. pCloud

pCloud is one of the top music cloud storage programs currently available, largely because of its features, such as its playback abilities and a large amount of free storage (about 20 GB). But it’s really the playback abilities that sets pCloud apart.

It automatically finds and files any audio files by artist, song, and album. You can even play music straight from the account without having to download it back onto your computer. Another great thing about pCloud is that you’re allowed to upload large files at once, making it a lot easier and more convenient for backing up your audio files.

You can also share your music on the platform with anyone, giving you the chance to spread your music to potential fans. They can listen to and download your music without even having a pCloud account. There’s also a mobile application, meaning you can use pCloud on the go.

3. Gobbler

Gobbler is straight up one of the best programs you can use to backup music and audio files. This app offers unlimited storage space as well as quick transfer capabilities, making it a perfect place to store any and all audio files that you spent time and effort creating and perfecting. Not only that, but Gobbler offers its users military-grade encryption, so you can rest assured that your files will not be hacked and stolen. Finally, and musicians will appreciate this, Gobbler is compatible with most digital audio workstations, making it very convenient and comfortable.

4. Music Gateway

Last but not least is Music Gateway, a software that allows you to store your music online in an orderly fashion. You can create folders, share files, upload and download music at any time and from a laptop or using a mobile application. Music Gateway allows you to store and present your musical creations to others in a professional way.

Honorable Mentions

It is difficult to squeeze in all the software because there are so many of them that do a great job. But we couldn’t post an article without giving honorable mentions to Google Play Music, SugarSync, and MEGA.

Cloud Storage Is Only Going To Grow More And More

As a musician, it can be quite a daunting task uploading and preserving your files online, what with the rampant threat of hacking and/or online file deletion. But most of these cloud programs have very secure systems, making them a reliable place to store your projects.

Cloud storage is quite a new concept still, meaning it’s still in its proverbial infancy. It is only going to grow and develop further and further. Cloud storage is the future of all file storage, so it is better to beat the curve and begin to get into as early as possible. Moreover, most of these are free or offer free trials, so you can try them out before committing money to any particular one.

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