Music Hat Makes Winter Exercising A Cozy Endeavor

We have written about the health risks of sitting in front of the computer too long here at Bit Rebels a few times now. There are some serious health effects that are connected to sitting, and according to the research, our bodies take a good beating when we don’t do anything to exercise them. For us here at Bit Rebels, it’s sometimes a marathon in front of the screen, but we do everything we can in order to move around, get some exercise, and prevent ourselves from sitting too much. Some people use tables which you can raise and stand at, instead of sitting. But every once in a while you need to take a walk to get some fresh air, and if it’s cold outside, you could really go for one of these music hats.

Sound funny? I admit that a music hat does sound like something from Alice in Wonderland or some other imaginary movie. This thing is all about listening to music while keeping your ears nicely warm and cozy. This music hat is kind of epic in a way because you usually need earphones or headphones when you’re out walking if you want to listen to music, but with this music hat, all you’ll need to do is put on the hat and turn on the music you like and you’re all set.

The music hat is all about wireless music, and it doesn’t need batteries. So how it basically works is that you plug a transmitter into your music device and then just start listening. It’s a pretty straight forward little exercise accessory that is made available through Amazon for just $49.95. When the cold hits, and you feel in need of something to warm your ears, and you still want to listen to some music, this music hat is the perfect accessory for you. No longer will you feel those annoying cords hanging from your ears or feel like someone is trying to drill holes into your ears. If you exercise outside a lot, definitely have a look at this music hat.

Wireless Music Hat For Your Cold Day Exercises