My Dream Coffee Pot | Concept Design

I drink a lot of coffee. A lot. I go to the coffee shop almost every day when I’m out in the city and when I’m at home, I make a huge pot of coffee every morning and then another one every afternoon. One thing my coffee pot is lacking is the ability to keep the coffee warm for an extended period of time. I like to take my time to drink my coffee and it inevitably gets cold in the pot before I have a chance to drink it all. I know a lot of people would heat it up in the microwave when this happens, but I don’t like to do that. It makes my coffee seems synthetic to me.

As I was contemplating drinking a semi-cold cup of coffee tonight while I was playing around on the Internet, I found my dream coffee pot. It’s simple and sleek, and it keeps coffee hot for a really long time! It is called the Cocoon – Echo Coffee Machine and it is designed by Jan Koenig. This eco-friendly coffee pot does not heat up hot plate beneath the coffee pot like traditional pots. Instead, it has an insulated hollow pot that traps the heat for a long time. According to, “The Cocoon coffee machine features two spherical bowls. After the water gets heated in the outer sphere via induction, a pump in the handhold brings the heated water to the filter. When the coffee is ready, it enters the inner sphere. Now, the hollow space created between the two spheres acts as insulator to keep your coffee warm for a longer time.”

This is simple, beautiful and ingenious. It’s too bad it’s just a concept design!

Thank you to for the great pictures!