My Little Black Book: Secret Agent iPhone 4 Case

There really is no end to all the innovative and creative designs that the iPhone has seen when it comes to cases and accessories. However, so far all we have seen for the iPhone 4 is pretty much just the “Bumper” case that is now being shipped for free to everyone with bad reception, or however that whole deal played out. There are iPhone 4 cases slowly entering the market and some are more creative than others.

This “My Little Black Book” created by a company named Pad and Quill is a thrill for real. It will reinforce your every dream of becoming a secret agent. Hide your iPhone in this book like case that will fool most people. Whether it’s good looking or not I will leave up to you. Since I don’t have an iPhone 4 yet, I am not entitled to have an opinion on this, or am I?

The case is made out of wooden framing, cardboard and simulated leather all bundled into this realistic looking black book. It also works as a moderately useful iPhone 4 stand and can be used to angle the phone when laid down on a flat surface. Whether it’s comfortable to hold and carry around is, of course, an individual opinion, but it certainly carries the dreams of becoming a secret agent with it.