Mythbusters’ Adam Savage’s 13-Year Quest To Build A Real Sci-Fi Gun

Being a technology geek in today’s extremely innovative world is like being the only kid to a chocolate factory magnate. You would be constantly treated to the awesome and unearthly gadgets and remarkable solutions to problems that you never knew existed. It’s especially fun if you are into building your very own gadgets from parts that you have either scavenged or bought from one of the local tech stores. The things that you can build using these parts are astounding, and many times you can customize them to fit your needs. It’s a dream landscape to be roaming right now, and no one knows that better than Mythbusters’ Adam Savage.

As a matter of fact, Adam has been on a quest for over 13 years to create something that most sci-fi fans only dream about. He’s actually been trying to create an accurate replica of the Zorg ZF-1 rifle with its many different weapons and neutralizers. It’s not been an easy ride, and as usual, when Adam builds something he has to work off of screenshots and his own imagination. However, that just up to a year ago when he suddenly caught a break and hooked up with the actual builders of the movie prop itself.

Whether Adam will see his replica completed to the very last detail is hard to foresee. By the looks of things, it seems all of the components are available today to actually create something that will at least work similarly to how the sci-fi gun does in the movie. There’s no doubt it will take a lot of work and fine tuning, but when you watch the video clip of Adam explaining his build, you will be treated to a lot of different stories of how he managed to gather photos and screenshots to base his build from. There will no doubt be many more stories to unfold as this build continues. A dedicated tech geek can do anything, and Adam Savage is a true testament to that.


Via: [DVICE]