Neptune Pine: Most Feature Packed Smartwatch Yet

The number of smartwatches made available to us is on the rise and with every new one comes new innovative features. So far there has yet to be a smartwatch that completely blows away all the competition. The thing is that we here at Bit Rebels never thought that such a watch would come from a startup, especially one looking for funding. The new Neptune Pine smartwatch is currently the most advanced and powerful one on the market.

Pine, (as the smartwatch is called), was developed by Neptune, a company located in Montreal, Canada. If you are looking for a small subtle smartwatch, then the Neptune Pine is perhaps not the watch you are looking for. It is large but packs more advanced features than any other smartwatch on the market. It even rivals the most popular smartphones, and this even before it has been introduced to consumers.

I could probably sit here all day writing out the features that this powerhouse of a smartwatch has incorporated. However, I am just going to mention the most important features as not to bore you with a lot of specs.

First off, the Neptune Pine runs on a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and with it you will get to enjoy features like Voice Calls, Video Calls and SMS Texting, Full QWERTY Keyboard, Complete web experience, Dual Cameras and Dual Flash, Rear-facing 5 megapixel camera, Voice Recognition, and it of course has the standard accelerometer and all the other stuff that all smartphones have incorporated today.

Battery life is exceptionally good as well sporting 120 hours standby, 10 hours music, 8 hours talk time and 7 hours browsing. So do you need a smartphone to utilize all of these features? Nope! That’s the awesome part about the Neptune Pine smartwatch. All you need is a SIM card, and you are ready to go. Believe me when I say it, the Neptune Pine smartwatch is packing more features than all other smartwatches together. The expected retail price for this watch is set at around $335.00. Simply put, the Neptune Pine smartwatch is innovation defined.

Neptune Pine – Smartwatch Innovation Defined

Neptune Pine Smartwatch Innovation

Neptune Pine Smartwatch Innovation

Neptune Pine Smartwatch Innovation