“New Writer” Contest | The 3 Finalists

After 2 weeks and a lot of interest we have gone through the contestants one by one looking at their individual qualities. We have bent, flipped and rolled through them comparing them to each other as well as individually. We have had our thought period and it is now time to reveal the result. It’s time to reveal who the three finalists are but first let me say it was NOT an easy choice. We ended up voting in order to come up with the best ones that would fit the team and its unique chemistry setup.

These three finalists will get a chance to write one article for Bit Rebels which then will be judged by the visitors of this site. The winner will be judged upon several different aspects including Views, Comments and the value and interest of the post itself. Any cheating in form of obscuring the results by spamming etc. will result in disqualification. Clean, fair and open results is what we’re after.

The three finalists will have 4 days to wrap up their articles and they all will be published at the same time on September 12 – 2009. The finalists are also allowed to pick any category available on the site (Design, Events, Gaming, Geek, Interviews, Lifestyle, Movies, Music, Social, Technology). A temporary account will be provided for each finalist and login information have been sent to each one of you.

So, who are they? What three will get the chance to write for Bit Rebels? The three finalists are…*drum roll* (In no specific order)

Christian Louis CollardName: Christian Louis Collard
Location: Massachusetts
Twitter: @printedproof
Areas of Interest: Technology, Design, Gaming, Social
Finalist: 1

Staci J SheltonName: Staci J. Shelton
Location: Ohio
Twitter: @stacijshelton
Areas of Interest: Lifestyle, Social
Finalist: 2

Adam McCombsName: Adam McCombs
Location: Texas
Twitter: @adammccombs
Areas of Interest: Design, Technology, Gaming
Finalist: 3

We also want to thank all the people that submitted their interest in joining the Bit Rebels team and to show our appreciation we will list you as honorable mentions. We truly appreciate your time and we hope that you will keep visiting us in the future.