Newest and Coolest way of camping | Camper Kart

So the season for camping might not be just yet but it sure is an appealing though now when the winter blanket has it’s shadow on us here in Europe. The thought of the sun in your face seems far but the dream of escaping the office for a couple of days for some much needed free time is ever so evident. Not that I would ever complain about the job that I have, nor would I want to exchange it for anything else in the world. But, we all come to the point when we need some fresh air in our lunges and to see the sun in the sky instead of through a window.

What could be better then than to camp out in an entirely new way. The concept, put together by the genius Kevin Cyr at, is quite provoking but at the same time plays on the humoristic use of everyday items we’ve never cared to actually keep on developing. Someone pointed out that this could be the exclusive penthouse for the more fortunate homeless people while some people actually sees the prototype more as a piece of art.

And even though I agree with both, however in the most humoristic way, I can certainly see the art aspect in it more than anything else. The practical use of this contraption is highly doubtful as it alerts a string of security issues such as instability, theft and more importantly the risk of being whisked away to an unknown location while you’re asleep.

I am amazed by the idea and where it may have come from but at the same time I get a little disappointed when I look closer at the actual photo’s as it looks evidently like it’s all a hoopla of photoshopped pieces and bolts. Maybe I am wrong and maybe not, the lighting and the shadows just doesn’t rhyme right in my head, that’s all. But, it’s a “AA” for idea and a “B” for conceptualization.

Camper Cart - 1

Camper Cart - 2

Camper Cart - 3