Newly Commissioned Airship – The Future Of Aviation Is Here!

Ever since the Hindenburg failed catastrophically, designers and aviators have been reluctant to poke around with airships ever again it seems. Despite the fact that it is the one most comfortable and noiseless ways to travel, we have not picked up where everything failed that fatal day. Until now that is. Designers have started working on new concept airships lately, and it seems there will be an armada of them being put to use in the near future. What that means is as big of a mystery to me as it is probably for the designers themselves.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology recently commissioned designer Thomas Rodemeier to develop and conceptualize a new breed of airships that they want to put into commercial flight soon. It’s a bold, however awesome, initiative. I, for one, would almost pay anything to be one of the lucky people that will be on board at some point. There is no question that Thomas succeeded in coming up with an explicit and unusual design. From the pictures he presented, and all the breakthroughs he managed to work through, there is no doubt that it’s a truly inspiring and futuristic airship.

Everything from customer and passenger comfort-ability to the safety of the aircraft itself is meticulously looked at and detailed out. When you take a closer look at the airship, you are stunned by the fact that it looks like a small hotel in a spaceship flying on solar cells with a noiseless way of defying the laws of physics. How much better could it get? It’s time to change the world! It’s time to go futuristic in the world! Period!