Next Gen Credit Cards

So, identity and money theft is one of the main concerns on the Internet and companies are spending millions upon millions in order to come up with solutions that might put an end to the ever growing problem. A fail safe solution has yet to be found but companies are getting closer by the minute to achieve the unbreakable solution we all are waiting for. What the technology will be that put all this to an end is not yet clear but there is a couple of companies that have come up with a rather simple solution to at least make it a LITTLE bit harder for any thief to put their hands on the goods.

Innovative Card Technologies and eMue Technologies joined up and developed a hybrid credit card called “Credit Card Embedded Authentication Device”. It’s a next generation credit card and it incorporates a 12-button keyboard, a microprocessor and an embedded alphanumeric display. It promises to bring unprecedented security in phone and online banking transactions.

What’s next? My best guess is tissue incorporated chip technology that has an organic processor that will destroy itself as soon as you or anyone else tries to tamper with it. Just my two cents. lol