Ninja Blocks: Connecting The Real World To The Internet

I am a huge gadget geek, we all know that by now, and I guess you are too if you’re reading this. The thing is, I usually find myself trying to figure out solutions that will enable me to get more information to my screen faster and through channels that are usually not connected to my user interface. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but it is a constant optimization endeavor and one that I think has lead to a lot of interesting applications. When it comes to connecting the real world into your computer, the possibilities have been sparse to say the least, until now that is. With these new Ninja Blocks, we now have a chance to sense, see, hear and interact with it (the real world) through simple commands on the screen.

With Ninja Blocks, you can literally setup pretty much any kind of real world interaction application that your heart desires. For example, you could hook up a sensor underneath your front doormat, and when someone steps on it to leave a package or whatever, it could automatically send a notification to your mobile device telling you about it if you aren’t at home. Add a hidden camera to that, and you have one heck of a security system that is way cheaper than what you would most likely have to spend if you chose a “professional” package.

The team behind the development of Ninja Blocks recently tried to get funding for their awesome kits, and after asking for as little as $24,000, they managed to rake in an impressive $102,935 from 578 backers. It’s an achievement that should show us the awesome possibilities these Ninja Blocks harbor. If you want your own Ninja Blocks kit, you can just hop over to Ninja Blocks’ blog and pre-order it. With Ninja Blocks, the world is no longer a silent bystander looking at you while you are on the Internet. Ninja Blocks will integrate the world right into your digital domain with just a few commands. It’s as simple as that.

Real World Interaction Ninja Blocks