Nintendo NES Coffee Table: The Retro Cool Is Unmistakable!

It seems that everyone has brought their game to create the ultimate geek coffee table. There’s no end to it really. So far, we have seen the geeky Chip Coffee Table, The ultra cool Playstaion Coffee Table and also recently the iPhone Coffee Table. How can we even rival these? Is there something that could possibly suit a geek better than any of these? I think I have found the answer for you.

It’s, of course, the unmistakably cool and retro Nintendo NES Coffee Table. And let me tell you, it’s huge! If this won’t catch your visitor’s attention, I have no idea what will. There is even another level of coolness here. It actually works! Yes, that’s right! You can actually connect it to your computer and play games through it.

The huge controller is fully functional, and if you have the guts and hands to use it, I would say you can’t get any geekier. You’d be the geekiest of them all. You can even put your coffee on the controller, that’s how big it is. Sure, it would be impossible to go for the ultimate combinations on it, but hey, it’s awesome! So, once again, this is a one-off but at least I feel all retro just looking at it. It’s brilliantly put together!