Noise Reduction Earphone Enables Crystal Clear Calls

With mobile devices, especially cell phones and then later smartphones, the world has become a loud place. There is chatter going on pretty much everywhere. Even in libraries (the ones that are still open), you can hear cell phone signals go off in regular intervals. It’s the world we humans have created. It can sometimes get a little stressful, particularly when you are trying to have your own conversation. It’s time for the noise reduction earphone to make an entry into our loud society.

This science fiction looking noise reduction earphone comes from the mind of Swedish industrial designer Nicklas Ekstrand. The concept design is quite unique and could have a huge impact on how we hear and converse in loud places in the future. You might say it’s a piece of technology that is perfect for areas where conversation is usually not a pleasant experience. Most of us know how annoying it is to try and converse on a busy street or even in a public place with a lot of people.

The concept of this noise reduction earphone is quite simple, but the technology behind it is not. With the mic positioned closer to the mouth (right in front of it), you’ll be able to speak normally and still be able to pass recognizable audio to the person on the other end. This earphone incorporates noise reducing software, which enables crystal clear audio to go out and be received.

Furthermore, there is a small flashlight incorporated into the earpiece which makes the device perfect to be used in dark areas. This particular mobile device accessory is perfect for workers with loud surroundings. In order to answer, you just pull the mic handle and the phone call is picked up. It’s also perfect for people wearing gloves. The earpiece is able to be swiveled so you can wear the noise reduction earphone on both the right and the left ear, depending on what you prefer. This is of course still just a concept design, but it could possibly be created into a consumer product in the near future. There is definitely a need for a mobile device accessory like this.

Nicklas Ekstrand’s Noise Reduction Earphone Concept