Now You Can Roll Sushi At Home (Really, You Can!)

Misty and I both love to eat sushi. To me, a sushi dinner is right up there with chicken wings and beer, but thankfully, it’s a little more sophisticated.

There are a few obstacles a person has to overcome in order to enjoy good sushi. First of all, to truly eat sushi the most delicious way, you have to learn how to use chopsticks. Misty wrote an article about a new way to eat sushi for those that prefer not to use chopsticks (or their fingers).

If you like to make homemade sushi, another obstacle you may have encountered is rolling it. I’ve tried this dozens of times using a bamboo-mat, and boy is it hard! I understand now why those experienced sushi chefs are so respected. It’s truly an art that takes years to learn.

Today I’d like to share with you this very unique sushi roller that promises to make it all much easier for us. To me, it looks like a huge cigarette roller that someone decided to use for sushi, but either way, I like it! Designed by Osko + Deichmann, this device, called “sushiroller” solves our rolling sushi problem! Now anyone can make perfect sushi from home, just the way they like it!

[via bookofjoe, designboom]