Heineken: Beer Crate Of The Future Keeps Your Beer Cold

Anyone that loves beer knows that it usually comes in paper holders or old plastic containers that have been around for like 20 years or longer. There has been little development in this area and some might argue that a good concept doesn’t need any refinement. Well, a little refreshment is never bad in my opinion so why not touch up the beer crate design just a little? Will the beer taste better then? Will it make the beer slightly more expensive if the breweries start researching and developing new crates for their bottles? Well, of course it will, but it will also taste better, at least if they stick to this creative and daring design.

Making Heineken as the focused prototype brand Luis Luna managed to create something really inspiring and useful. The functionality is far better than anything else on the market, and it really makes the beer taste better. Why? It is because the crate itself has a simple cooling system created by pure water. Just put it in the fridge or freezer and you are guaranteed to have cold beer wherever you go. That’s right, wherever you go.

The crate’s cooling system is removable so it’s just the inlay that you put in the freezer for cooling. Then, just pop it out and put it back into the crate and add the bottles. On the way to the beach, picnic or whatever event you are going to while you travel, the beer will get cold and tasty, all ready to pop open when you arrive.

The design itself is also very interesting since it is meant to hold and sport several different parts, which will ensure that the brand colors are all represented in a nice and clean way. What else could you want, right? Bring in the beer!