Now You Can Tweet Under Water

Twitter has really two kinds of users. Those who tweet and those who tweet a lot. Commonly known as twitterholics these people go out of their way to get that cool and informative tweet out to their friends and followers. I would probably consider myself as a Twitterholic and some would go even further than that. But fact remains that it’s not the Twittering that makes me lose time for work or sleep but the awesome response I get from most of my tweets. The feeling that you are giving something back is overwhelming and can in most cases deliver such a high level of adrenaline that I can keep twittering for days.

The situations and places people tweet at is just mind blowing. Some even questionable. I have seen people tweet from their wedding right up there at the alter. I have seen some distraught mother tweet while paramedics try to revive her daughter after finding her submerged in their pool. Some jokester managed to get a device into a newlyweds bed which tweets pace, duration and how many times the newly weds have sex. Yeah, the odd situations are quite astounding and I sometimes wonder what the world is coming to.

So, apparently there are people that have a need to tweet while they take a bath or a shower and therefor a company called WetKeys decided to create and manufacture a keyboard that you could use in and under water. Yup, that’s right. You can now throw your rubber duck away and instead bring with you the awesome WetKeys keyboard hooked up to your computer and tweet away. I am sure people would be overly excited knowing that you are, at this very moment, tweeting from your shower while shampooing your hair. Isn’t the world just full of possibilities!

The keyboard comes with a touchpad, waterproof keys and it has been proved to withstand medical and industrial environments along with repeated cleaning. The keyboard sells for just under 140 bucks and is sure to make you a star on Twitter. Hmm, I wonder if it comes with an extension cord…then I could be the first one to tweet while surfing in Baha…