Online Gambling Moves Technology Forward

Usually, we think of gambling as of a harmful activity that has nothing in common with anything beneficial whatsoever. But the times are changing, and now online casinos appear to be more and more popular; giving people what they want, including various types of entertainment, and the ability to deposit and withdraw with all possible payment systems, etc. Tens of millions of people all over the world are playing slots or card games, and the gambling industry itself is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Where does all this money go?

And the answer is no, not all of it goes into the pockets of the big company owners! Several branches of technology are financed by the gambling industry and are growing mostly because of this one sector. It might come as a surprise, but gambling does a lot of good for us, even if we don’t always win! Let’s dig a little bit deeper into it.

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A Disturbing Tendency Or Impressive Growth?

Blaming large companies for everything is a huge trend nowadays, and casino providers are no exception. How dare they present new entertaining games all the time, letting people play on their phones from anywhere, 24/7? And isn’t it wrong to promote a bad habit that significantly influences one’s social life and financial state?

And why should all these wealthy countries embrace gambling, if so many people are experiencing problems and even addictions? It’s okay to ask all these questions, and the answer to them is simple. Online casinos are an up-and-coming market, and they offer vast possibilities for those who can see them.

Compulsive gambling has become a huge problem over the past centuries, but now we are learning how to control it. The most reputable regulatory bodies are implementing new rules and regulations, giving them more control over both land-based and online casinos. Every casino nowadays must have strict self-control and self-exclusion policies, allowing those who suffer from gambling addiction to make informed decisions and to place limits on the size of their deposits as well as on the time of playing. Gambling cannot be advertised through regular means, which means that you cannot just stumble upon a casino on the Web – you have to look for it.

Each casino has to have links to the websites like Gambleaware or Gamblers Anonymous, where anyone can get help and sort out all his (or her) issues. The Internet is filled with informative articles and researches, debunking popular myths about betting strategies and revealing average winning percentages. The fact that casinos have moved online makes them easy to access, but at the same time – it is also easy to leave.

It’s not like you’ve come all the way to Vegas to have some fun, and you have to do something! You can enter a casino or leave it in a few clicks if you don’t like it; or, if you just don’t feel like playing anymore. You can also find information on any game, including reviews and comments, and decide whether or not you want to play it. Despite all this, gambling is becoming more and more popular, especially in wealthy countries.

Addiction vs. Entertainment

The evidence shows that globally speaking, there is a direct correlation between the amount of advertisement and popularity of the advertised product. Since it has become illegal to promote alcohol and tobacco products in many countries, numbers of smokers and drinkers have decreased drastically. People understand what is bad for them, and the statistics show it.

But with gambling, it’s an entirely different story. People are actually playing more in countries like the UK, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and many others. Does this mean that more people are becoming addicts, or does it simply mean they already understand the odds, but continue to play for fun? On the whole, we believe the latter is the right explanation.

Gambling awakes certain instincts in us; and it pumps the adrenaline down our veins every time we spin the reels, waiting for another minor loss or a huge life-changing jackpot. Many other activities can do this for us as well: hunting, martial arts, sports, and so on. However, all these activities require more time and effort. With online casinos, you may lose some money, but in all other cases, your health or even your life is at stake.

That’s why games of chance are unlikely to lose their popularity. And that’s why gambling as a niche hobby receives more funding nowadays; thereby assuring better profits for investors, who want their casinos to be top-notch and ahead of the curve. They want the names of their casinos to be on everyone’s lips. Gambling represents yet another excellent reason to invest in modern technology nowadays.

Blockchain, RNG, Payment Security, Encryption, And Many More

What do these things have in common? That’s right, they all are used in online gambling; as well as in many other technologies. If you have thousands of websites where people deposit real money on a daily basis, you might want to get them as secure as possible, prevent visitor’s personal information from leaking and do many other things. If you’re playing at the best online casino, you can be sure that it uses cutting-edge technologies to ensure your safety and anonymity; and it also has cryptocurrency as a payment option.

  • Blockchain technology has not been front-page news since the Bitcoin rate dropped, but it’s still the newest thing in payment technology, and there is still no currency safer than digital currency nowadays. You cannot forge it, you can store it yourself, and you can pay online directly to a recipient, cutting out the middlemen and thereby lowering your expenses. Online gambling is currently the most popular niche where people use cryptocurrencies and has spurred rapid growth in blockchain networks.
  • Payment security is vital for any casino because it has hundreds or even thousands of players who deposit or withdraw money every day. The cash flow is impressively huge, and you have to implement top-notch technologies to manage it.
  • Encryption is another essential branch of technology for gambling. It’s used at absolutely every casino out there. If a casino has so much money transferred through the website and it also has the credentials of its customers too, it obviously has to protect them. We are 100% sure that no one wants his gambling activities revealed; so proper encryption is the obvious choice!
  • RNG (Random Number Generator) is the core of every game out there. You need it to make games truly random, in each spin of reels, roll of dice, or hand of cards. RNG has many other areas of use, but online gambling is one of the most popular ones.

All these technologies are improving every day, and you can see the progress everywhere. New cryptocurrencies are popping up, encryption is getting safer, and payment systems are offering unusual solutions to suit every customer.

Wrapping It Up

It appears that you can stimulate the economy by playing at an online casino, but you’d better not take this thought too far. It’s not like all the weight of this task lies on your shoulders – many people all over the world are sharing this burden, and they all seem to be doing pretty well for themselves! Researchers forecast a rapid growth of the gambling industry in the coming years, which will lead to the involvement of even more technology branches; along the way, many more targets will be smashed.

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