Ontario Green Savings Explains How To Save Money With New And Efficient Appliances

Many people in Ontario are aware of the steps they need to take to make their homes more energy-efficient. When homes are not properly updated to bring them more energy efficiency, electric and heating bills can run needlessly over budget.

However, many people are not aware that their household appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators could be causing a serious drain on their finances and on the energy efficiency of their homes. Ontario Green Savings explains how old appliances can cost you money and how easy it is to update your home with efficient new appliances.

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Why Are Old Appliances Inefficient?

Home appliances are not made to last forever. Most appliances have a planned obsolescence at about 10 years. If an appliance works for more than 10 years, a consumer feels like they have gotten their money’s worth. Most consumers will keep using an old appliance simply because it’s not broken.

Most homeowners will keep old appliances past their obsolescence date because repairing an old appliance is less expensive than getting a new one. Generally, homeowners don’t replace appliances unless they are moving or when they are remodeling their kitchens.

As refrigerators and other home appliances age, their energy efficiency can drop due to aging parts, bad seals, malfunctioning controls, and other components. For example, a malfunctioning thermostat on a clothes dryer will force it to continue drying even after the clothes are dry, wasting electricity.

Poor seals on refrigerators or freezers will cause them to cycle too frequently. Old refrigerators and freezers are also frequently kept in garages or other areas of the home where the temperature is uncontrolled, meaning that they have to work harder to get the job done in the warmer months.

How Much Do Older Appliances Cost To Operate Compared To New Appliances?

An older appliance almost always causes greater energy consumption. When people run older model units, they can consume over 66 percent more energy than a new and efficient model compared to a new Energy Star certified product. Canada’s energy efficiency regulations set out the limits for minimum performance with regards to energy efficiency, helping to eliminate the worst products from the Canadian marketplace.

How Do I Choose A New And More Efficient Appliance?

Ontario Green Savings can help homeowners choose the best new appliances to get the job done and to save money along the way.

The simplest way to choose a new, energy-efficient appliance is by searching for the Energy Star symbol. Every Energy Star product is tested to stringent efficiency standards. They are also certified by a third party. Their performance is either the same as or better than comparable products while saving a significant amount of energy.

The Energy Star Most Efficient designation is saved for the best products in their class. These products stand out for their efficient use of energy and their performance.

What Else Do I Need To Consider When Looking For An Energy-efficient Appliance?

Another important way to tell whether your new appliance is efficient is to use the EnerGuide label. The EnerGuide label compares a model’s consumption of energy to similar models. This is especially helpful for models that are not covered by Energy Star, such as ovens, ranges, and wine chillers.

How Do I Work With Ontario Green Savings?

Ontario Green Savings can work with you to decide which new appliances are best for them. They can help you go through the options for new appliances and decide what fits best in your home and with your lifestyle.

The company can provide you with many good choices for new appliances. Whether you need to replace just one appliance or all of them, the company is able to help you decide on the most important criteria.

It is easy to work with the company, and they are experienced with all types and models of appliances. Taking all of your criteria into consideration, the company will present you with options and walk you through them.

The Bottom Line – New Appliances Save Money

In today’s uncertain economic times, it may not seem like the best time to buy a new appliance. However, the energy savings that you will experience if you buy a new appliance can contribute significantly to your family budget. Your life will also be made easier by giving you faster, more up-to-date performance.

Ontario Green Savings wants consumers to know that replacing old appliances is easier than they might think. Working with experts means that the guesswork is taken out of comparing new appliances.

When you select new appliances to replace your old and inefficient models, you can have peace of mind because you are contributing to the overall health of our environment while saving money along the way.

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