Padcaster Is Your Entire iPad Broadcasting Solution In One Package

Mobile technology enables us to take on projects we used to need several thousands of dollars worth of devices to complete. Now the solution is pretty much incorporated into our smartphones. When the tablet was introduced, many people thought it would mean a revolution for many different businesses, but so far it has not shown much impact. Maybe when it comes to broadcasting, an innovative device called Padcaster could add the impact once and for all.

Innovator and iPad pioneer Josh Apter wanted to use his iPad for broadcasting, but there were no accessories to support the level of professionalism he was looking for. So he decided to create his own. The result of his labor was the first incarnation of the Padcaster, a case or cover that enabled him to add all kinds of stuff to his iPad so he could finally use it as a broadcasting platform.

After refining his Padcaster iPad case and after visiting countless shows, conferences and other endeavors, he had so much interest in the Padcaster that he decided to get it to the point where he could actually start selling his idea to other people who wanted to use the iPad as a broadcasting platform. The idea and usefulness of the Padcaster is brilliant, and it really deserves a chance to be tested and used.

But Josh didn’t have the necessary money to produce a product that would become profitable, so he decided to turn to Kickstarter for help. His goal is to raise $30,000 within 17 days, which is not impossible, but he needs a push in the right direction from people who really feel they could use the Padcaster. The concept is simple, and it has a range of added solutions which can be adapted in pretty much any area of your life. Have a look at the pitch video and see exactly how awesome this quite innovative product is, and how it could turn your iPad into a complete broadcasting solution in a jiffy.

Josh Apter’s Padcaster iPad Brodcasting Platform Accessory

Padcaster iPad Broadcasting Solution

Padcaster iPad Broadcasting Solution

Padcaster iPad Broadcasting Solution