Paper Water Bottle

The 360 Paper Water Bottle is a single serve water bottle made from sustainable sheet stock such as bamboo, palm leaves etc. An internal micro-thin film provides the liquid / air barrier and the fusing material to join the two pressed halves together. The design enables the self-bundling of multiple containers to eliminate the need for separate six pack packaging.

The 360 Paper Water bottle is an innovative product, made from 100% renewable material – yes, it’s paper. The bottle features a lid which peels off into two pieces, one piece keeps the top clean from dust or other contaminants and the other can be reattached to seal the bottle. As the bottles can be produced on a single line and bundled for shipping, extra packaging can be eliminated, making this bottle a very cool environmental solution to reducing the number of plastic bottles. We also found an interview with the inventor of this cool product. Hope you enjoy the insight that went to designing the product as much as we did.