Party like its 1999…

I had a moment today where I suddenly realised that 10 years ago I met my wonderful wife… (insert Awww’s here please).  But not only that, but it was the year of the millennium bug – you know how aeroplanes would fall out of the sky at midnight etc.  Millions, if not billions was spent on helping machines not “think” it was 1900 and so therefore delete everything.

So its time for a quick nostalgia trip!

The Euro was established in 1999,  and maybe just as importantly so was Sponge bob’s TV career…  Microsoft Released Windows 98 SE & MSN Messenger,  Starwars Episode 1 was also inflicted/bestowed upon us…  Napster appears, that’s a slow download speed…  Apple release its first ever iBook and the Power Mac G4!

Saga releases its last console, the Dreamcast and the worlds population reaches 6 billion.

Just a little sniff of what happened in 1999 – I can’t believe some of these things are 10 years ago! What were you doing 10 years ago?

We have come a long way really eh…