SatchelBord – The Ultimate Swiss Army Laptop Messenger Bag

There is no doubt that the laptop is one of the greatest inventions ever created, I think we can all agree on that. However, there is one thing that always makes the experience somewhat annoying for me and probably you too. Using a laptop in the field is not the most pleasurable of experiences. You constantly have to find a table or continue to switch positions in order to comfortably keep working. Those annoying days may soon come to an end, and the solution is one of the most unique and innovative laptop messenger bags ever invented. It’s called SatchelBord and is best described as the ultimate swiss army laptop messenger bag.

We here at Bit Rebels came across the SatchelBord when we were looking through our “Tips” inbox. We have, for a long time, been looking for a way to increase our productivity when we’re out in the field working on trying to find the next big scoop.

The SatchelBord immediately caught our eye and we instantly contacted the creator, Brandon Green, who’s company Spergotech is the inventor of this impressive messenger bag. The bag itself is a feat of engineering, and the number of features built into this amazing bag is nothing short of incredible.

SatchelBord Laptop Messenger Bag

SatchelBord Is The Ultimate Mobile Office Toolbox

It easy to think that SatchelBord is just another laptop messenger bag, but that could not be farther from the truth. It is actually housing a boat load of features that will turn your laptop working session into an enjoyable day at the “mobile office.” Wait, what? Yes, let’s have a look at some of the useful features that the SatcheBor offers.

For instance, the bag can not only be used as a laptop messenger bag but also doubles as a chair. That’s one of the more striking features, and even though it might be hard to believe that a messenger bag can actually fit a comfortable chair, it’s what makes this laptop bag so incredibly amazing. For example, the backrest padding can be used for back support when using the SatchelBord as a chair.

Furthermore, the backrest also doubles as a possible lap food tray if you’re ever in the field and in need of a lap tray. The trapper keeper insert is used as such, but it can also be used as a handy solo carry piece for holding your papers and books. Maybe you don’t need it to be in the SatchelBord at that time just something to hold a few things while you crawl around campus.

[pullquote]What boggles our minds here at Bit Rebels is the amount of time and engineering that Brandon has put into the features of the SatchelBord.[/pullquote] As if that wasn’t enough, the TabBord lap desk is absolutely littered with extra features that make it a great product all on its own. Not interested in the entire SatchelBord? Not sure why anyone wouldn’t be, but then you can just grab the TabBord instead!

The TabBord comes with cable organizers for charging your phone and/or your laptop while using the desk. It also comes with ventilation holes to properly dispel the heat from your laptop protecting your thighs from burning. You can even choose between a fully functional double slide drawer or a single functional drawer to save space while you do your work.

TabBord Laptop Messenger Bag

The SatchelBord and TabBord will just hit Kickstarter, and in addition to the already impressive number of features, for the campaign, there will be stretch goals so that each backer can have a choice to receive either lap desk with an optional cupholder!

This bag is going places, literally, and we are definitely going to keep an eye on the Kickstarter to see what other features may be offered and implemented when the campaign reaches stretch goal after stretch goal. Make sure you bookmark this upcoming Kickstarter campaign, it’s going to be one of the hottest this year.

SatchelBord Laptop Messenger Bag

The Modular Working Experience

The genius of the SatchelBord messenger bag is not solely in its design but in the module concept of the bag itself. Each feature is a component that can be used and enjoyed by itself without relying on the other features of the bag. This is something that makes the SatchelBord unique and a one-of-a-kind innovation. Taking the bag out in the field yields endless possibilities and it will allow you to push your productivity and relaxation to new levels.

How many times have you wished that you could take your computer, desk, chair and organizer with you out into the inspiring sunshine? I bet many of you will agree with me when saying it’s almost on a daily basis. Well, not to sound too much like a seller, but now you can! The SatchelBord can be used in an unlimited amount of locations, such as beaches, school yards, college campuses, professional environments, commutes, libraries, grassy fields, at home, etc. [pullquote]Its modular nature makes it the ultimate swiss army laptop bag for an active lifestyle.[/pullquote]

All of us here at Bit Rebels are always pushing each other to hit the field instead of lurking around inside our office in search of the next scoop to share with you guys. The SatchelBord will definitely help us break the invisible “comfort” barrier and allow us to enjoy the outside even on the most hectic of days. This is exactly why this messenger bag is a game-changer.

Satchelbord Laptop Messenger Bag

The Search For The Ultimate Mobile Office Is Over

The SatchelBord is not the first attempt to create the ultimate mobile office experience. However, it is the one that will define the genre for years to come. The ability to push your productivity into the field without losing the comfortable environment of your office interior is a major leap for productive people. This may very well be what changes the way we work forever.

We love this invention and we urge all you readers to have a look at the video below to discover and learn more about the SatchelBord and the TabBord. Also, don’t forget to visit Spergotech’s website to find our more about the features and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign that will redefine your mobile working experience forever.

Feel free to leave any ideas and improvements in the comment section below. Brandon is constantly checking the comment section to make sure his invention is always in line with the needs of his customers. The era of mobile working comfortability is here, don’t miss out on the life-changing experience of breaking the boundaries of your office walls.

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SatchelBord Laptop Messenger Bag