Pebble Smartstick Is Your Marker-Sized Emergency Charger

As far as battery life on your mobile device goes, there is no getting around the fact that it will eventually run out. Until some clever innovator comes up with a way to harvest power from thin air, we will always run out of power when we least expect it. There is no shortage of solutions that will keep you charged when you’re in dire need of power. The Pebble Smartstick is yet another mobile recharger device that will help you keep your cool until you get to a power outlet.

A good recharge device is one that keeps you going until you can get to a place where you can charge up old school style again, and yet still the charger is mobile enough not to take up too much space in your bag or pocket. The Pebble Smartstick is definitely one of those innovations. It’s super small (no bigger than a marker pen), and it will recharge an iPhone 5 up to 40% without any kind of help from an outlet or other power source.

That is a considerable amount of time added to your battery without having to carry around a bulky recharge device. The Pebble Smartstick will be rechargeable again through a USB port (which is usually the case with these recharge devices), and it doesn’t take too long for it to be juiced up again either. It’s the perfect companion when you’re out and about and continuously getting calls or messages which you have to check or take.

There are probably a thousand of these devices out on the market by now, so why should you get one of these Pebble Smartstick devices? Well, it’s easy really. The Pebble Smartstick is one of those devices that has an insane impact without taking up too much space. A device like this could benefit anyone’s lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you’re the President of the United States or someone just starting out using a smartphone, you will find the Pebble Smartstick useful. Have a closer look at this mini-charger and make sure you’re always juiced up for more Internet or smartphone interaction. It’s made available by FireBox and will set you back $18.99

Pebble Smartstick Emergency Smartphone Power

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