The People-First Approach Of Cisco WebEx Teams

Now that the merge of Cisco Spark and WebEx isn’t fresh news, we have time to take a look at Cisco WebEx Teams as a whole and evaluate what it has in store for us in the future. With the merge, Cisco explained that it’ll allow for a smoother development time and a greater experience for users as it allows them to streamline both processes into one.

Kinly discuss the people-first approach of Cisco WebEx Teams and what we could expect out of a Cisco WebEx collaboration experience.

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The Future Of Work

Cisco themselves use the term, ‘The Future of Work’, calling for a fresh, people-centric approach to how we work together, collaborate and communicate.

Many times, as you may have experienced, in meetings in the workplace, you expect something to go wrong. You use a system that’s previously setup for use, with default settings that aren’t programmed for your personal preferences.

The system doesn’t adapt to you, so you end up spending 20 minutes meddling with the settings to try and get it to work for you and your peers and in the end, it either eventually works or causes more problems. This experience is the same across the world, in thousands of workplaces and nobody enjoys it and dreads the next meeting.

The Future of Work for Cisco WebEx Teams is providing systems and platforms that are people-centric, that adapt to everybody’s needs in the meeting. Whether they’re in a physical meeting room, on their mobile phone in a hotel, or on hands-free. This is the future we want in the workplace, where we don’t waste valuable time trying to force a platform to work for us.

Cisco WebEx is designed to implement technology that prioritizes user experience over everything else. Smarter meetings, that change, and mold to the user interacting with it, technology that intuitive and not rigid and resistant to change.

Teams are able to work faster, smarter and much more efficient when attempting to achieve their goal. Some goals are difficult to achieve on their own, you don’t need technology getting in the way of that. Work silos will be no more when utilizing Cisco WebEx as shareability and collaboration is at the core of what WebEx provides.

Get in touch with a local provider of Cisco WebEx today, such as KInly and upgrade your collaboration platform to what the future of unified communications has to offer.

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