Chinese Online iOS App Store To Allow Pirated Apps Without Jailbreak

It’s no secret that Apple has experienced a shift in their previously solid success saga. It’s even rumored that Tim Cook is in the hot seat, and Apple is looking to replace him with a more “innovative” CEO. Only time will tell whether or not that will happen. When it comes to bad news, some people are more persistent than others. A topic that might fall into that category is pirated iPhones and apps. Supposedly a new Chinese iOS app store will soon allow pirated apps to be installed without jailbreak.

Apple really needs new innovation to stay on the same course as the company did when Steve Jobs steered it to success. There are many opinions about Steve Jobs and the methods he used to drive innovation and conduct business. However, you can’t deny the fact that he managed to get the company back on its feet and turn it into one of the world’s most successful companies. Maybe he didn’t do that single-handedly, but it was definitely through his vision. Much of that is thanks to his idea about creating an iOS app store.

With the news of a Chinese online iOS app store soon allowing pirated apps to be installed without jailbreak, there should definitely be a concern about the profit loss that Apple might experience as a result. An iOS app store that focuses on this is of course a hot target for users since most people think that free is always good. Apple has grown increasingly tired of jailbroken iPhones, and they even made it “illegal” to jailbreak one, so this should not go ignored by their hungry protectors.

The desktop app in question that will allow this app store to be used this way is an app named “KuaiYong,” which can be translated into “use quickly” in English. The app has been around since June 2012, but due to it being in Chinese, it has avoided being detected by Apple. Now the app is about to be released as a web based app, which will make it available to everyone.

It uses bulk enterprise licensing to allow distribution of the exact same app, based on the app’s unique license ID. This allows it to be installed onto several devices over and over again. If this isn’t closed down, it could be a serious threat to Apple’s economic infrastructure. Is Apple’s domain threatened by pirated iOS app store hacks? We’ll probably see the answer to that question in Apple’s own reaction to this new iOS app store.

KuaiYong iOS App Store – No Jailbreak Needed






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