Phishing Scams in Plain English

And there we have it… It’s a complicated term but at the same time it is not. Everyone knows it’s not a good thing and it is often mentioned in the same sentence as credit card hijacking. Well, everyone should really take the time to really get all the facts about this somewhat new trade gangs and bad guys put their teeth in to get their hands on some free money. It’s evident that no matter what security features the world will come up with there will always be someone that figures out how to get around them.

Every year companies spend billions in upgrading and adapting to new technologies in order to spare them from being the victims of these new cyber crimes. Knowing how they are done is a great step towards not falling for them and it’s usually the difference between a victim and someone being spared.

I truly enjoy these commoncraft clips and I think they are more then informative in every way. So, here is a great vid about Phishing Scams and it’s brought to you by commoncraft of course…