Is Phone Hacking Illegal? – Protect Your Phone From Hackers

Is hacking illegal? According to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, this law prohibits access to someone’s computer without authorization. It is an invasion of privacy to have someone hack your phone and view information on the device. Have you been a victim of cell phone hacking? Is hacking a cell phone illegal?

With the growth of technology, we are seeing more people looking for ways to hack someone else’s phone more than ever. With that being said, it is important to protect your device and information immediately. Take action now and protect your personal information and device. If you believe your phone is currently hacked or are worried about it happening, take measures to secure your device.

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Signs Your Phone May Be Hacked

If your smartphone is displaying some of these signs listed below, it may have been hacked. Scammers no longer need to access your device to hack your phone. We have seen scams disguised as links, social media profiles, text messages, emails, and other clever disguises. Don’t allow any further unauthorized access to your device anymore.

  1.  Notice a large decrease in battery life.
  2.  The phone begins to run slow or lag.
  3.  Data usage is noticeably higher than in previous months.
  4.  Constant pop-ups appearing.
  5.  Strange behavior like random calls or text messages.

What To Do If Your Phone Is Hacked

You believe your cell phone has been hacked. What should you do now? Contact law enforcement or look at what state and federal laws may help protect your device? This is how you should fix your hacked phone and protect your device from any further scams. You will need to take the appropriate steps to remove whatever has been installed onto your phone. Follow the suggestions below to help eliminate anything that may be attacking your device.

  •  Download a mobile security app and antivirus software.
  •  Change all passwords saved to your phone.
  •  Remove unused or unknown apps.
  •  Inform friends that you have been hacked in case they are contacted.
  •  Factory reset the device.

Preventing Future Hacking Attempts

Your phone likely already has security measures and features for protections. It is your responsibility to protect your cell phone data and stored information. There are several ways a hacker can compromise your device like phone spyware and malware. So, it is important to have more than one method of protection.

Know Your Apps

Keep a close eye on what apps are installed on your device. Regularly review all apps and remove any that you don’t recognize or utilize anymore. Many times an unknown app icon will appear if your phone is being hacked.

Avoid Utilizing Public Wi-Fi

Using public Wi-Fi can lead to a hacker performing a potential attack on a device. We have seen hacking for over 20 years and computer crimes disguised in many different ways. Now through public Wi-Fi, the scammer can potentially access a device’s system, looking to locate passwords or anything valuable stored on the device.

Keep Your Phone Updated

Keeping your device updated is a great way to help eliminate any opportunity for a hacker to breach it. When updates are released, they are often patching and updating any bugs or issues customers may have encountered in the previous version.

Don’t Leave Your Phone Unlocked

Set a password on your device so that no unauthorized or unwanted people can access it. With the new security features on devices, people can utilize features like face recognition, fingerprint scan, and voice recognition.

Regularly Back-Up Your Phone

It is essential to regularly back up your device to ensure you do not lose any information. Apple and Android devices provide helpful ways to assist with backing up and protecting your information. Apple users can use iCloud while Android users use other methods.

Cell phone hacking can be accomplished using various methods and may hurt you tremendously if not protected. These scammers are looking to gain information from your cell phone which contains personal information. Cell phones can be your best friend, but cell phone hacking is something that you need to keep an eye on.

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