Privacy Monitor Hack Enables Complete Privacy When Browsing

I have to agree that when it comes to hacking your reality, lifehacks are the best way to optimize things. There are super simple lifehacks that will enable you to optimize tasks such as finding your new garbage bags easier and stuff like that. Then there are the more complex and advanced lifehacks that could possibly give you a little bit more privacy in this share-all world. It’s a significantly cool monitor hack that will enable you complete secrecy when browsing the web.

This particular hack is one of the coolest ones I have seen to date, and it’s all done on an old LCD monitor. The mastermind behind this monitor hack project is Instructables’ Dimovi and boy does this creative mind have a trick to show you. This could come in quite handy for anyone who’s ever wanted to have their complete privacy when browsing the Internet. It will allow you to utilize a custom pair of glasses to browse the Internet while no one else can see what you are doing.

The build takes some skills, but it shouldn’t be too complicated for anyone who really wants to utilize this quite impressive monitor hack. What you will have in the end is a complete privacy solution that will enable only you to see what’s on the screen. That’s right, it’s like a pair of spy glasses which you sometimes see people use to read secret ink with, or something like that. This works a little bit differently though. Some old LCD monitors have two layers of film, one polarized layer to filter out the light you are not supposed to see, and a frosted anti-glare film layer. By removing one of these filters, your monitor hack will make the monitor go all white when you look at it. That’s where the glasses come in.

By adding the filter that you just removed to a pair of glasses, you will be able to see what’s on the screen while no one else will. That’s the basic idea of it anyway. The build itself is a little bit more complex than just removing a filter, but once it’s done, you will have your very own monitor hack that will enable you complete privacy in front of the screen.

Monitor Hack To Get Complete Browsing Privacy