Phone Kerchief: Block Your Cell Phone From Ringing During Dinner

Throughout the years, since the cell phone was introduced into our lives, a sort of etiquette has slowly been formed about when it’s appropriate to use it, and when it isn’t. There are still times though where we use our phones even though a lot of people find it annoying and offensive. The most obvious one is to turn your phone off while having dinner with one or more people. It’s considered rude, not only towards your dinner guests, but also to the people around you that are enjoying their dinner. However, as always, there are people who don’t understand the silent etiquette and therefore, we will always have people that will ruin a perfectly nice and enjoyable dinner with your friends.

But, there might be a simple solution to this problem. It’s a rather interactive one, and it might take some persuasion before the user will agree on your terms. It’s called the Phone Kerchief , and it comes from a community of people called “My Phone Is Off For You” who have grown tired of the constant blabber while eating.

It’s a handkerchief that is developed to block any signals reaching your cell phone, thus making it unable to get your attention. All you do is wrap it inside the handkerchief, and it will keep it blocked during the remainder of the dinner. It’s a gracious way to show your dinner partner or guests that you really care about them. It shows that you want to enjoy dinner, and along with that, they will have your full attention. The Phone Kerchief will be available from the 25th of November over at Uncommon Goods and will set you back a geeky $15. You can also find a cute little video demonstrating the thing over at MyPhoneIsOffForYou.